Unique Modern Styles of glass and mirror. Chalkboard Paint Ideas


Modern Wall Mirror Design With Unusual Styles For Home Fashion

People love to see themselves everywhere they are, therefore, wall mirror design is very important whether it is in the bathroom, bedroom, or any wall you like. Other than that purpose, mirrors have important roles to spread the light in the room and can be the replacement of the window as well as making expand the visual of the room. It is now we can have lots of options for mirrors in modern designs.

Modern wall mirror design has been widely varied with many creative bringing fashions to decorate your wall. This fact has been considered urgent in the design industry to create more variety of wall mirror design ideas. In this chance, we’d like to show you some inspirational wall mirror design that is unique and perfect for any home use.


modern wall mirror design

A modern style wall mirror in the simple design placed in a room as a decorative element. This mirror design is very special in which it doesn’t use frames from wood or steals rather than uses the mirror itself. On the sides of the mirror, you can create checked patterns using the glass cutter without letting the pieces off. These patterns produce dramatic effects on reflection.



unusual silver wall mirror design

Still in modern style, here we have unusual shapes of wall mirrors. Silver ambiances from the leaves and floral shaped wall mirrors enrich the room visual with light shades reflection. In each wall mirror, you can see the natural reflections as if they are the patterns of the wall mirrors. You can create different mirror designs as you wish in any shape you like.


unique tiles wall mirror design

Another unusual wall mirror design is when you do not have a single mirror but many mirrors like this modern wall tile decoration.  In tiles, the wall mirrors fashion unique reflections of the view of the whole room. It is more in decorative function than the original function of mirror design to reflect what’s in front of it.

Best Modern Decor With Modern Glass Vases

For modern homes, you have the chance to decor your tables and drawers with modern glass vases. Modern glass vases are very popular as they do not die through times and very easy to treat. Additionally, modern glass vases furniture has varieties of designs in many ways of displaying.

Most people love antiques and use classic vases. Indeed, classic glass vases are exotic but the modern vases are also outstanding with more unique shapes. In the transparent glass, you can add some catchy things including flowers, another glass, or anything that you like. Here are some pictures of a modern glass vase that you can see and make some inspiration about how to choose the best furniture and doing some experiments to remodeling home with these vases.


modern glass vase with a unique design

This is one unique modern glass vase. Modern is shown from the asymmetrical shape of oval glass attached to plastic decor. Transparent blue is a nice choice. Add a little dry branch on the glass vase and add fake flowers. You can put this unique decor on your table near the TV or, drawer along with the other decors. Put it alone is the best or you can keep the distance between one decor and another to avoid the messy look.


modern glass vases with a square design

Usually, modern glass vase is in round or asymmetrical shapes. Here, we have different ideas. These are completely symmetric modern glass vases which can reflect object in squares. The reflection adds a unique view in the room. Put some aloe vera or other plants without flowers on the square vases. This idea will highlight the room’s modernity with little green as the contrast color. The modern concept always has contrast color.


hanging modern glass vase design

Now, we have an Italian modern glass vase hung near the window. The round shapes of the vases are supported with wires that hold the whole vases. Real plants put on the vases will be a nice decoration. From the outside, you can have a very nice view of the room. Here, the modern one decorates a white living room; in your own home, you can have different concepts.

Unique Home Design With Chalkboard Paint Ideas

There are always unique ways of improving your home just like the chalkboard paint ideas. This might be the most fun way of improving the look you’re home. You can scratch, draw, and write on the chalkboard with anything you like. Chalkboard paint is smart ideas for kids’ rooms, kitchen, study room, and bedroom. And this idea is also getting popular as home design and improvement. There are advantages to using chalkboard paint.


chalkboard paint ideas in home office

First, you can utilize chalkboard paint as a scheduler. You can use the whole wall or just in the middle painted with chalkboard paint in your home office or study room. Draw square patterns in the calendar numbers and use a different shade for each square. You can write down the dates and days as well as your plans for the whole month here. This will be very functional but also decorative.



chalkboard paint ideas in the kitchenIn the kitchen, chalkboard paint ideas can be a great solution for your home decor. Above the countertops where you do not have cabinets, chalkboard paint is a great idea. You can paint the whole wall along with the countertops and let your kids draw anything they like before you use the kitchen. It will be a nice view anytime you cook and let your kitchen be a more comfortable place.



chalkboard paint ideas to the furnitureChalkboard paint ideas can also be a fun way to decor your furniture. Instead of just letting the furniture in a dull color, you can try the chalkboard furniture to your drawers, doors, cabinets, and others. You can take advantage of this to show what is inside each drawer without sticking boring printed writings. Chalkboard paint is always fun to do.

In applying the chalkboard paint ideas on your wall and furniture, make sure you be careful not to ruin the whole furniture. And prepare some chalks too in case you want to write something or change the note and drawings. This will be fun, and you won’t regret doing these great chalkboard paint ideas!