Bathroom decoration main tips

When talking about decorating a room, the first thing that comes out from our mind is the budget. Decorating a room does not mean you have to spend a lot of money since there are many bathroom decoration ideas that will give you reference to decorate your room, especially the bathroom in a limited budget. By using a limited budget, you still can decorate your bathroom into a refreshing place to clean your body. Having a limited budget gives you an advantage if you have a small size of the bathroom since the furniture and other bathroom accessories needed are not as many as the big ones. Here are some tips to decorate your small bathroom with a limited amount of budget.

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How to Get Small Bathroom Decoration

In order to get a small bathroom decoration, you need to change the paint color on its walls. One of the reasons people want to decorate their small bathroom is to make it look larger. For a small bathroom, you can paint it with neutral or pastel colors like black, white, grey or green. Among those colors, you can choose one that suits the color scheme and the shade that you use. Moreover, choose the right type of paint to make it durable so you can save your money in the future. Since bathrooms are exposed to water every day choosing semi-gloss paints is a good idea. They are not only durable but also easy to clean and have a good shine.


The next idea to get a small bathroom decoration is to replace the hardware that is not in the same tune with the theme you use in your bathroom. Choosing the same hardware as a bathroom cabinet which is in the same tune with the theme will create unity. Another alternative to decorate your bathroom is placing a shelf on your wall to store bathroom stuff such as soaps, towels, and brushes. The shelves for bathroom are commonly sold affordably and the height can be adjusted to the height of your bathroom wall.

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Using a Mirror in Small Bathroom

The last way to get your small bathroom decoration finish is by utilizing a mirror. To make your small bathroom look larger, place a mirror above the sink to create a big reflection of the room. The mirror does not need to be expensive as long as it can go along with your bathroom design. So, have you got any idea that you will use to decorate your small bathroom?

Having a comfortable bathroom is a dream of every homeowner. This kind of bathroom is created by placing the right bathroom furniture, choosing the right color for the kitchen walls, and installing the proper lighting. In order to create a comfortable bathroom, homeowners do not need to spend a lot of money. There are many ways to decorate your bathroom with the furniture that you already have. By repainting it, you will be able to have ‘new’ furniture for your bathroom. Some places sell used furniture in cheap prices such as yard sales, charity salvage shops, scratch and dent sales, and individual offerings.

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Where to Buy Used Bathroom Furniture

The first place to go to buy used bathroom furniture is in yard sales. As the name suggests, this sale is held on a wide yard where many sellers sell their used furniture together. You can get the information about yard sales from the local online ads on the internet so you need to read the information carefully to know where and when it is held. In the yard sales, sellers usually sell used furniture for bathrooms although not all of them do so. If you are lucky enough, you will get bathroom furniture that you are looking for at affordable prices.

The second place to get bathroom furniture at cheap prices is from charity salvage shops. Since it is for charity, the prices offered are quite various from the cheapest to the expensive one so you can choose the affordable prices for bathroom furniture that you need here. Many salvage shops are held in certain times like the ReStore chain run by Habitat for Humanity. Not all furniture sold at charity salvage shops are used but some of them are new and although they are in a new condition usually they are sold less than full retail value.

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Find the Cheap Bathroom Furniture Here

Besides the aforementioned places, you can find used bathroom furniture in scratch and dent sales. As the name suggests, the furniture sold there is slightly damaged but the choices are many so it is fine to purchase one of them. You can repaint or refurbish the furniture after buying from scratch and dent sales. The furniture that is usually sold at those places is bathroom vanities. Discounted prices will be given for those items with the slightly blemished or barely outdated styles of furniture. Ask for help from the store representative whether they have slightly damaged furniture sold at affordable prices.

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