Modern Home Decor Ideas For Large Space Living Room

Modern Home Decor Ideas For Large Space Living Room

Modern home decor is what you need in a large space living room. Forget about the outdated furniture and boring decoration that often ruin the rooms’ mood. Bring fresh new style to the room decor in modern concept. The basic thing in modern home decor is simple and some abstract and asymmetrical shapes. The application of the basics is not as easy as it is being said especially in large space.  You need to incorporate the modern home decor ideas with the room concept and colors as well as the balance.

modern home decor concept living room

Modern means contemporary style. Contemporary home decor with a variety of abstract and asymmetrical components in the big space like the picture above. You can maximize the wall structure to fill the empty space on each side. Some contemporary statues can be displayed on glass drawers. Abstract painting on each wall dents. A big TV screen hung on the wall facing the sofas and chairs in the middle of the room. Add large exotic patterned carpet under the sofa to fill the empty space between the seating. Next, you can fill the space with contrast colors.

modern living room with bright colors

Orange color is very filling, especially for spaces. Small room with all orange will not be great, but a large space with lots of orange decoration won’t feel empty. First, we use a little orange in this big space. Little orange ornaments on the display and table. Orange modern home decor ideas of cushions on white sofas are perfect. A unique hanging lamp above the seating will fill the empty space on the air. Bring the appropriate lighting with small lamps on the display and additional lamps as decoration in strategic places.

orange home decor living room

Still, with orange, this time we use orange to the large size modern home decor such as the drawers, the rugs and the ceilings. And as the completion, you can add some modern home design in various shapes of balls, statues, abstract decor and painting spreading in the room.

Modern Home Improvement With Best Fireplace Design Ideas

Modern home with various fireplace design ideas has been the trending topic in home improvement. Without too much debate, the fireplace is a very important part of a home to warm the room in winter. Developing from its original function, modern fireplace ideas has been taken as style.

What kinds of fireplace design ideas do you want in your home? You can have it from stone as in the traditional house, brick and tiles for more modern materials. These three materials can transform your modern home classy and elegant as well as warming. Let’s take a look one by one.

Stone fireplace design

Let’s start with the most traditional one, the stone fireplace ideas. This fireplace design can be the most exotic style in the modern living room. Instead of having the fireplace attached on the wall where you can only face it from one side, this fireplace design might be the best. The stone wall becomes the parting between the two rooms with a fireplace beneath it. This way, you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace from both sides.

Brick fireplace design

Now, we show you the traditional shape of brick fireplace ideas in modern homes. You can have the fireplace attached on the wall with a special place for the fire so that the fire won’t harm you. You can place the chairs close enough with the fire to get warmer. Above the brick, you can put some clay decorations and an antique clock. Choose some red furniture and decor to match the brick colors. And now you are ready for the best fireplace.

Tile fireplace design

You can use modern fireplace tile ideas for a modern look. This is the fireplace design in which you have a very modern home in which you want to leave the traditional style from any part of your home. Just like the usual and common fireplace design, it’s attached to the wall with tiles as the wall to add the modern touch to the room.

Modern Houses Requirements Of Home Decor Accessories

Modern houses with home decor accessories have been the recent topic in the home interior design. Home decor has an important role in setting the room’s mood. You can create a warm romantic room with perfect lighting accessories or you can expose your different side with personalized home decor. The arrangement of the accessories should be in balance with the furniture and the room concepts. For variety and unique home decor, you can get it in wholesale in the country. Here are some tips for decorating your home with the best accessories.

home decor accessories lighting

Lighting is the mood setter. The basic lighting is already installed in the room; you just need to add a special effect to it with lighting home decor accessories. Choose a lamp with an accent color like in the picture. The lamp can be ordinary but the lamp case should have special features and accents. The Mosaic or art deco lamp is very nice. It is perfect for the dining room or outside living room.  Chandelier and other styled lamps are also nice.

home decor accessories art

A modern home still needs art. On your drawer of the living room, you can put some artistic home decor accessories for decoration. Candles in different length holders with contemporary art style plate and some jars in different shapes and sizes. An exotic blue home decor accessories of the bowl in front of them keeps the balance of the decoration. This can be put in the living room, bedroom, and study.

unique home decor accessories

Modern furniture in a modern home is the perfect combination. However, it won’t be special if there are no unique touches on it. To create a different image for the room, you need the unique home decor accessories. Inspired by the genie lamp stories, you can get some unique bottles in various shapes and sizes. Put some of them on the table and some on the drawers. To complete the room, home decor accessories like unique mirrors, lamps, paintings and rugs are needed.